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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Saudi desert ..

The winter knocks on the door here in the kingdom, of course at this time of the year the Saudis exercise their hobbies with going to a camping in the desert . At this time the deserts change to a wonderful area that can not be described . The rains pour and the area become green , for us this make us happy everyone go out with their family or friends for spending interesting times there . we have an area it is a very famous, visits by Saudis and the Gulf natives its name is Al Sman .

These deserts have a lot of caves . For the first time you will not believe that is in Saudi Arabia, all people think that the deserts are full of sands only .In the deserts many of the caves with the calcic rocks and the wonderful cavities . some of the The low ceiling was covered with hundreds of crystals which resembled feathers dipped in frost.

One of the caves discoverers play the music on the calcic rocks , for some beautiful cave music click here ..