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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mada'in Salih

location :
In north of Al Medina Al Monawara in Al-Ola city.There is not an airport in Al-Ola city. you can get there by the four cities Haueel ,Al Medina Al Monawara,Tabuk ,Al-Wajih .

About the city:
Mada'in Salih is identified by Muslims with the story of the prophet Salih in the Koran. This concerns a prophet whose teaching was rejected by the people to whom he was sent, with the result that their city was destroyed by a natural calamity.

According to quran, when the people of Thamud refused to listen to the prophet's words, they proposed that at a certain festival they should pray to their gods and he to his, and see which would answer. When the day came the Thamudites first prayed to their idols, with no result. Then their prince, Jonda, challenged Salih to conjure forth a she-camel, big with young, from the rocks nearby and swore that if the prophet brought this miracle to pass they would believe him.Salih asked it of God. The rocks shuddered as though in labour and a she-camel came forth, big with young. Seeing the miracle, Jonda believed, and some few with him; but the rest of the Thamudites still repudiated the prophet and glorified their own idols.

Meanwhile the miraculous she-camel drank up all the water from the village well, but at the same time she produced inexhaustible supplies of milk. Some commentators say that she went through the village streets crying, "If any wants milk, let him come forth!" This caused both wonder and dismay, for although the people appreciated the milk they feared for their supply of water. Finally, although Salih begged them to spare the she-camel if they hoped to avert the wrath of God, the Thamudites lamed the miraculous animal by cutting her tendons, and then killed her. Her young foal, however, came forth from the womb unharmed and vanished into a great rock .Then Salih warned the people to stay inside their houses for three days. And on the third day "a terrible noise from heaven assailed them; and in the morning they were found in their dwellings prostrate on their breasts and dead."

The rest of the city:
The site of many monumental tombs,they were giants, thus accounting for the extraordinary length of their tombs.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The National Anthem of Saudi Arabia..

Before the existence of the national anthem, the horn made by (Abdurrahman alkhateeb) was used to notify the soldiers and declare the presence of the king.
Later on, in king Abdulaziz's ruling the national anthem was : (Long live our beloved king, we sacrifice our lives for him, the guardian of the holy places , let's all cheer long live our king , lift up the nation flag , cheer and repeat the national anthem long live our king) .

During the epoch of King Fahd ,he ordered for the national anthem words to be changed , but the rhythm composed by (Tariq Abdulhakeem) remain the same .
and about him..
he graduated from the Military Academy with the rank of specialization second lieutenant
( an artillery anti-tank ) .Pointing that it after that he has been expedited from the Ministry of Defense to Egypt for the study of the music 4 years where at that time to the Saudi army a musician was not like the rest of countries .And he said :
( i entered the Armed Forces institute in Cairo, they said from behind the cannon downwards the art degrees, and that because the art then was not widespread in the Arabian Peninsula and no until in Egypt ) .Also the artist discussed / Tarek Abdul Hakim ( and the owner of the first prize of the UNESCO in the music he grants an Arab ) some of the songs that started with it his artistic trip like ( Yarim wadi Thqif ) and ( ya banat Al Mukalla ) to the singer Fahd Ballan.

Hasten to glory and supremacy!
Glorify the Creator of the heavens
And raise the green, fluttering flag,
Carrying the emblem of Light!Repeat - God is greatest!
O my country,My country,
may you always live,The glory of all Muslims!
Long live the King,
For the flag and the country!
In Arabic:
Sarei Lil Majd Walalya
Majjedi Le Khaleg Assama
Warfai El Khaffag Akhdar
Yahmil Annoor al mosattarRaddedy Allah Wakbar
Mawtenii GadIsht Fakhr Al Moslemeen
Aash Al Maleek
Lelalam Walwatan.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

KSA ..

Area : 2,240,000 sq km . Population : 23,370,000 (official estimate 2002). Population Density : 10.4 per sq km.
Capital : Riyadh (royal). Population: 4,761,000 (UN estimate 2002; including suburbs). Jeddah (administrative). Population: 3,192,000 (UN estimate 2001; including suburbs).

Government : Absolute monarchy since 1932.

Head of State and Government: King Fahd Ibn Abd al-Aziz Al-Sa'ud since 1982. Language : Arabic. English is spoken in business circles. Religion : The majority of Saudi Arabians follow Islam; around 85% are Sunni Muslim, but Shia Muslims predominate in the Eastern Province. Time : GMT + 3.
Electricity : 127/220 volts AC, 60Hz.

Introduction : In 1902, ABD AL-AZIZ bin Abd al-Rahman Al Saud captured Riyadh and set out on a 30-year campaign to unify the Arabian Peninsula. Today, the monarchy is ruled by a son of ABD AL-AZIZ, and the country's Basic Law stipulates that the throne shall remain in the hands of the aging sons and grandsons of the kingdom's founder. Following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Saudi Arabia accepted the Kuwaiti royal family and 400,000 refugees while allowing Western and Arab troops to deploy on its soil for the liberation of Kuwait the following year. The first major terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia in several years, which occurred in May and November 2003, prompted renewed efforts on the part of the Saudi government to counter domestic terrorism and extremism, which also coincided with a slight upsurge in media freedom and announcement of government plans to phase in partial political representation. A burgeoning population, aquifer depletion, and an economy largely dependent on petroleum output and prices are all ongoing governmental concerns. Arabia has intrigued travellers for centuries. Its vast swathes of desert were the swaddling clothes of infant Islam and the birthplace of the Arab race and of Arabic, a language considered holy by Muslims. It's also home to two of Islam's holiest cities - Mecca and Medina - and to a host of modern, thriving, oil-rich metropolises.
Today's Saudi Arabia has held on to its mystique by being incredibly difficult to visit - there's no such thing as a tourist visa in this country. But if you can find someone to sponsor you or decide to take an expensive 'approved' tour, it's worth coming here for the desert and mountain scenery, and some of the Middle East's best archaeological sites.

Saud! FlaG :
The flag of Saudia Arabia is green, a traditional color in Islamic flags, with the Shahada or Muslim creed in large white Arabic script (translated as "There is no god but God; Muhammad is the Messenger of God") above a white horizontal saber (the tip points to the hoist side); design dates to the early twentieth century and is closely associated with the Al Saud family which established the kingdom in 1932.

Exchange rates:
Saudi riyals per US dollar - 3.745 (2003), 3.745 (2002), 3.745 (2001), 3.745 (2000), 3.745 (1999)
GDP: US$186 billion
GDP per head: US$9000 , Annual growth: -9%
Inflation: 0% , Major industries: Oil, steel, cement, wheatMajor trading partners: Japan, United States, EU, India.

Proud 2 B Saudi

U will read this sentence every where in this blog . i want to write about saudi community and our traditional things .
The consideration of the world to the Saudi society that they fanatic and terrorist it does not make me happy.I want to write so that I correct the idea,The Saudi women have all of their rights they do not need anyone of defend their rights

If you want any personal knowledge about Saudi Arabia, you can ASK here.